Pregnancy myths and truths those bombarded me and finally busted ;-)

Are you expecting? Wow!Hearty congrats 🙂 Wish you an enjoyable carrying phase and safe delivery. You should be the eye of the apple of your kith and kin.That’s the best part of such phases 🙂 I will be taking you through few funny myths which would be bombarding you in all directions. You will have very new care takers sprouting from the family and friends circle offering you a bouquet of “DO’S & DON’T s”. Do lend your ears but let the final call be yours based on your intuition and your doctors feedback.Let me try my best to help you in choosing between the truth and the myth. Do have a hearty laugh 😛

Place pictures/wall hangings of cute little babies in such a way that they appear right in your eyes as soon as you wake up.This will make your baby in the womb look cute/beautiful.

Absolutely false.How did those pictures get such a heavenly power? The complexion/features/looks of the baby completely depends only on hereditary factors.However having a pleasing atmosphere around a mom-to-be gives a relaxed feeling.

It is time to “EAT FOR TWO”

Eat for two for 9+ months ?Are you joking?How many pounds would I gain more?The exact truth is you have to eat healthy with little extra care when you are carrying but not eat “EXTRA”. Eat well. Have a complete nutritious diet . It is as simple as that. On an average you need 300 extra calories per day. Avoid alcohol,junk food and  allergens,if any.(This is mandatory).

The shape of the belly,the cravings the mother has,the heart rate determines the gender of the baby.

Absolutely no.The myth goes like this if you are carrying high/low ,it is a girl/boy.The shape of the bump depends on various factors like muscle size,posture,position of fetus etc.The salty the mother to be craves for indicates a boy in the womb and vice verse. Lesser heart rate indicates a boy.Your baby’s heart rate will keep varying in each of your scan,depending on the age of the fetus and activity level during scan.The gender cannot be pre- determined by any factor.

Suffering from a heartburn,itchy belly indicates that the baby in the womb has more hair.

My son hardly had any hair on birth but I had heart-burns and itchy belly all through.Heart burn is only due to the hormone changes during pregnancy and due to lack of space for the digestive system.(The baby grows and grabs the entire space in your tummy). Skin irritation is common because the skin stretches and lacks moisture.

All pregnant women will have morning sickness/nausea and stretch marks (post delivery).

Nah.. Nah…Nah… All these depends completely on individual hormonal changes. There are many gifted expectant moms who never had an episode of morning sickness.It is hard to predict if you will stretch marks.But I can definitely say stretchmark is not a mandatory gift post delivery.

Pineapple consumption will lead to miscarriage.

Is it? Are you planning to swallow tons of pineapple? The truth is that pineapple has bromelain,a type of protein which softens the cervix .But for this you have to consume gallons of juice or tons of pineapple slices.Eating a few would do no harm.There are few mentions across the internet stating that pineapple juice in excess was used to induce labour naturally. Hence avoid it if you are already running a risk of miscarriage.

Don’t lie on your back.

This is one myth which drove me crazy. I have always slept upright and I missed my sleep during all trimester hearing to this.The truth is doctors recommend sleeping on your left to ease the blood circulation to placenta.That does not mean you shouldn’t sleep in any other position. Definitely an expectant mother cannot sleep in one position. She needs options. Sleep on your right/left/back and never on your tummy.When you turn and change position do it with care. Don’t turn swiftly.

Having saffron with milk increases baby’s complexion.

Nothing can increase your baby’s complexion.It is only the gene which is responsible for the complexion and nothing else.But having few strands of saffron adds strength to your uterus definitely.

Tender coconut water is harmful while you’re expecting.

I love tender coconut.But when people forcefully refrained me from taking it I took the stand of researching on the topic.All that they provided as the reason was unsafe to baby. And few even said my baby’s head would resemble the shape of a coconut.(ROFL:))The truth is as follows

  • It is a zero cholesterol and fat-free beverage.
  • It helps in regulating your BP and cholesterol as it increases the level of HDL in your body
  • It boosts and rejuvenates the water level of the body which helps an expectant mother to get relived from dehydration and constipation
  • This refreshing drink provides you potassium,magnesium and protein which helps in the growth of the baby.

These are few funny things which I came across. Enjoy reading and have a hearty laugh. Don’t come to conclusion that all those are said by elders fall into this category.There are definitely a lot true ones.Heed to them.Get your intuitions right and the advice your medical practitioner .

Wish you a safe delivery 🙂

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