CARE THE LITTLE CURVE-How to care your baby’s teeth?

how to care your babys teeth

how to care your babys teeth

A smile from my little son can turn even the worst moment the best. I hope none will disagree to that point of falling in love with any little one’s lovely million dollar smile.(I love that rabbit tooth protruding). I had been to my dentist yesterday and I had a chance to know about pediatric dentistry in detail from him and his clinic. I thought I shall put on all that I knew from him,his pamphlets,his references(I have translated them below) and books.

When to clean baby teeth

When does teething actually begin?

Teething actually begins even when baby is still in the womb and whitening of gums followed by real teething can commence as early as 3 months or as late as 1 year.Teeth actually begins to sprout one at a time beginning with the bottom two middle ones,followed by top two and then the sides. At around 2 or 3 years baby will have a complete set of 20 teeth(Milk teeth) and they shouldn’t begin to fall till 6 years until the permanent teeth begin to grow.The falling of milk teeth and growth of the permanent teeth happens between 6 years to 12 years.By 12 or 13 years most of the permanent teeth would have well grown.

Baby teething chartWhat are the signs of teething?

  • Unusual irritability
  • Drooling
  • Fussiness
  • Refusal of food
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of sleep
  • Fever
  • Chewing/Trying to bite

How to ease the teething pain?

  • Use a hard teething ring and let baby chew on
  • Use a clean cold cloth and rub gently on the gums
  • If your baby is elder you can give home made unsalted crackers(My mother used to make murukku/soup sticks with rice & urad dhal flour and give him to gnaw).But be careful about choking.
  • Kindly avoid any medicines/painkillers without a pediatrician’s prescription.(These medications might lead to serious throat problems,Reye’s syndrome,stomach irritation and several other complications).

First teeth

When is it necessary to clean my baby’s teeth?

It is mandatory to clean your baby’s mouth(tongue and gums) from first day.

when to brush baby teeth

How can I clean my baby’s teeth?

From day one your baby’s mouth(tongue and gums) should be cleaned with your clean finger or a soft clean cloth. This helps in avoiding thrush at early stages. Gently rub the gums and tongue with the cloth .When the first tooth begins to come,you can make a regular habit of brushing teeth twice a day.Begin with your fingers as brush and slowly start with a specialized baby friendly silicon finger brush. Brush gently on all sides of the mouth. Brushing twice a day is a must for every baby with zero plus tooth/teeth. It is not mandatory to use a tooth paste until the baby learns to spit/gargle. Using a tooth paste too early might end up in unwanted fluoride intake.

When should I first meet a pediatric dentist?

Do not delay your first dental visit beyond your little one’s second birthday. From then make it a mandate to visit once in 6 months.

What practices have to be avoided to preserve good health of my LO’s teeth?

  • Nursing bottle Caries is the most common pediatric dental problem which arises in babies.This is mainly due the habit of sleeping along with feeding bottle in hand.This leads to very early cavities.Avoid sending your babies with feeding bottles/sippers/milk/juice to bed. If milk is given at bedtime,prefer to make it little early and brush before bedtime/clean the mouth before bedtime.
  • Secondly lack of nutrition might damage the health of teeth.Hence be sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your baby’s diet from 180 th day.
  • Thirdly the habit of frequent consumption of foods like chocolates,sugary items,chips,sweets,baked foods result in cavities in milk tooth.Hence fix a regular schedule for eating habits rather than making baby munch all through the day.The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends 4 to 6 ounces(.12 litres) of juice a day for 1 year to 6 years
  • And finally habits like sucking the thumb,biting the lips,breathing via mouth might lead to misappropriate teeth growth.

Happy Motherhood!Wish your baby a healthy and happy life ahead.

My sincere thanks to my dentist and pediatrician for his patience to clarify my doubts.

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My success story – Getting my child to eat right!

Last night Mrs.Megha had put up a post in MW group regarding a blogging contest. I initially thought submit an article which I had handy with me but my article was no way related to the topics there. I left it cool . My husband encouraged me and made me complete it. Thanks to Shalu and Kalyani for boosting me up 🙂

The topics were as below

For Moms

  • To have a second child: Why you did or did not do
  • My success story – Getting my child to eat right!
  • My success story- How I control the 3 T’s- Temper, Tears and Tantrums of my little one

For Dads

  • My journey as an evolved dad: Breaking stereotypes
  • Changing role of fathers: Difference between you as a father and your father

My choice was My success story – Getting my child to eat right!. People who know me would have already guessed that I would choose this because I always stress on feeding the baby right and I am foodie/food blogger at

Here is my piece of article for parentune. Read and let me know your comments 🙂

“Getting my child to eat the Right quantity of Right food at the Right time.” My perception of this topic and the story is great, on-going and endless.
There are infinite helping hands when it comes to provide advice. I hear and appreciate each. But the final choice of right food for my little world is unto my pediatrician and me. The right food according to me should be healthy cum balanced and must definitely not be processed/ packed/ junk. I never give up on that point and hence I my path towards the right food is always clear. Since the family’s food habit did not differ much, I never had to deter from it.
The thumb rule for knowing the right time and quantity is “FEED ON DEMAND”. Beyond a certain age I slowly transited his food timings like the elders of the family. Slowly he had his chair in our dining table. This helped him discover food textures, observe our eating habits which in further made him try to eat on his own. As I fed on demand, I got hold of the right quantity in few days time by his expressions. (Now he says very clearly to us “enough“). The motherly intuition and satisfactory feeling also plays a major role in this.
I made the transition from breastfeeding to weaning very slowly & steadily. I followed/follow three day wait rule for every new ingredient in his food. This helped/helps me in knowing what ingredients are liked by him and suited him. This aids him in knowing different tastes and relishing them.
The journey is not a bed of roses. There were several hunger strikes, daily tantrums and even mini wars between us. Sometimes it was a phase and sometimes it was adamant/playful nature. Many a times I have ended up going crazy in making him eat. I tried with patience and tried with different tactics, varieties. Few trials even went on for a month long hunger strike. I kept running to break it and every time my PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE has been paid so far.
When it comes to mealtime, I ensure not involving any gimmicks like carrying him all over/showing him TV/playing. There was/is only three M’s (Myself, My son, Meal). No distraction. So I neither run behind him nor do any performances to make him eat. (Old habits die hard, don’t they?) I was/am strict about timings and quantity but I never attempted to force.
The below point is the mother of all without which the story could have been just a story and not a success story. I am blessed with a supportive, informative and trusting family who completely invested their wholesome confidence in me, very noble doctors who are real angels on earth and above all the unique strength/bond which motherhood gave me.
Thanks for this opportunity Parentune and a special thanks to Megha 🙂